experience using OT Hammond 125ESE

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experience using OT Hammond 125ESE

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Hi all

Would like to know your experience using OT Hammond 125ESE regarding how it sounds.

I built several project from AX84 :P1 P1EX and HiOctane all of them sound too bright and "dry" sound , even after several modifications in Tone Stack caps value in circuit ,trying different speaker too
I have doubt about OT which is a chip one regardings other brands.

Welcome to your comments and experiments

Best Regards to All

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Hi parys,

Sorry, I have only tried the hammond 125ESE, but other members of the G5 team are currently testing a french OT, so maybe they will have a position about how this new OT sounds compared to hammond.

I suppose you tried a conjonctive filter just before the OT to darken a little the sound ?

Did you try heyboer transformers ? Many guys seem to say they are far away from hammond in terms of sound ...

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Well I didn't use one, but it seems that the ESE is better suited to guitar amps than the older SE version. I also read that Andy Fuchs uses this tranny in his Fuchs Lucky 7 amp which sounds reaaally good !

Hammonds don't have a good reputation in Marshall type circuits whose sound rely on pushing the poweramp, but in circuits engineered with this OT in mind it shouldn't be a limiting factor regarding tone, don't you think ?

The main problem is that there is almost no choice here : the AX84/Heyboer is virtually unavaible for Europeans, and I don't know any other single ended OT in Europe ? By the way that's why the soon to be released third version of the G5 kit will use a custom wound OT able to withstand a KT88 !

Now we're talkin' :wink:

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I fell SE amps sounds more punchy and bright than PP. it is mabe not the transformer but the amp design that is wrong for you.

have you tried the firefly? Here we have the close-to-firefly G1 project and it sounds too dark for me. it may be what you are looking for.